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You stated you were not ready to commit to our standard membership fee and we agreed, on this one occasion, to work on a lesser fee to suit your budget. For this you signed a contract and confidentiality agreement. It is as a result of this success rate that personal recommendation is our greatest source of new clients.

Feel free to contact us again if so wish, we shall be delighted to look after you. Sincerely, Berkeley International Team. We are in a difficult position to respond meaningfully to this review, as we have never had a member by this name. As such we have reason to believe that this may be a fake review.

If indeed this is a genuine review, then we wish to apologise wholeheartedly.

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Our mission is to provide the highest level of service to our discerning clients and we are confident that this is achieved in the vast majority of instances. Our success rate in introducing life partners has resulted in highly positive reviews and feedback on our services, and is something we are very proud of. Thank you Berkeley International Team. Helpful answer 3 Votes Thanks for voting! Berkeley International continue to do everything they can to remove negative reviews on other sites and they continue doing advertising and burying the bad reviews.

They hired solicitors to bully me and scare me and generally try to wear me down. I would like to reach out to other people who have been ripped off so we can band together and get justice. I reported them to the ABIA but they did not even look at the evidence and were very unhelpful. See all answers 2. Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! What is your refund policy?

Get answers from the Berkeley International staff and other customers. How long does shipping take? What is the return policy? Where is the company located?

Who on earth is spending £50k to join an elite dating agency?

About Berkeley International from the business Description. Warwick's naked Calendar Girls have come out stronger. People put invest in it so they can meet someone like them. Nowadays people have much higher expectations. The birth of mobile phones, social media, tweeting texting and chatting online have changed human nature. People cancel by text now. And that culture has spread into the dating world — people want what they want.

The set-up is distinctly old-fashioned, as Mairead explains: I had a nice time. Not mind-blowing, not terrible, just quite normal.

Mairead Molloy of Berkeley International at iDate Matchmakers Convention 2016 London

But it was still very different to going on a date with a random bloke I met in a bar, or someone on Tinder. Both evenings ended at a civilised hour with a peck on the cheek — after which, Jo calls me with feedback — which is excruciating. The statue of limitations is 6 years and we can join together for justice!

Here is my story: I am a well-educated, financially sound expat living in London, my background is very international. Based on experience, I have specific criteria on the type of people where I find the highest level of mutual compatibility. A key area influencing my decision was the heavy advertisement as having an international and affluent membership, which I felt would have a similar background to mine. At my first meeting with a Representative, it was apparent that not many members were a fit with me.

She also told me that every potential match met with her and that the matching would be done by her team based on detailed interview notes. As soon as I signed onto the service, the person who interviewed me disappeared and other staff immediately and actively ignored specific criteria and began presenting profiles at random, with no indication of whether they had been interviewed by them or how the Profiles met my criteria, which is a ABIA Code violation.

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I was passed through a rotating roster of 5 staff--Two of these people, left the firm and the rest never met me. One month after I joined, I discovered that they had lied about a particular introduction who turned out to be a temporary IT worker who had been matched on dates with them for 5 years. I tried to end the membership and get a refund. I asked to speak to a manager but the person who I spoke to did not offer me a refund option and did not let me get my money back, instead she offered to continue making introductions which only got worse.

This is another violation of Consumer Protection rules. The person who I spoke to left the company soon after. I understand that there is a level of discretion in making the introductions. Because of the many staff that I had to deal with and the very poor internal coordination, they contradicted themselves all the time and my criteria were actively ignored without an explanation or acknowledgement of mistakes made.

I kept an open mind during the first 6 months and accepted the suggested meetings. Because the profiles did not meet any of my key preferences and in the interest of not wasting my membership, I refused to meet people who did not fit the criteria and asked to be put on hold: I was on hold for 2 periods totalling nearly one year.

For 2 years, including hold periods, I attempted to work with Berkeley—repeating my criteria multiple times, meeting with staff, providing personal information and giving them time to find more people meeting my criteria.